“I enjoyed Soul Mala soooo much that even after one month I still feel the benefits I acquired on that wonderful weekend! I’m a happier, a more confident me just living my purpose. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing women who inspired me and allowed me to help them too! I was able to clear alot of baggage and just learn to love myself even more. The facilitators are are so supportive, loving and ever so insightful that you can’t help but feel like you’ve left home and landed in a little heaven here on earth!!!! I am so grateful to them and the lovely ladies that I met so my only question is: When is the next one?!”  Soul Sister Bella

“To anyone contemplating Soul Mala, I am wondering how do I start tell you about this amazing life changing retreat?  When I left Toronto I knew no one. When I returned I had a Soul Family, those who came before me and those who will come after me. It is mind expanding. I think of myself as a small little integral piece of this gigantic jig saw puzzle of the universe.
Unbelievable that in only 4 days I could transform my life, my thought patterns, my whole life being. It is as they say life altering! You deserve to go on this retreat. Do it for yourself. Everyone whom you come in contact with from that day forward will be touched by your transformation.
Funny thing, my body experienced physical symptoms before my conscious mind had. This was quite the intriguing experience, to follow what my energetic body was manifesting for me. Quite the teacher! Who better to learn from, than yourself.
 It’s fantabulous!” Soul Sister Sareene

“What an amazing experience! It may not seem like enough time, but I healed more in those four days than I had thought possible in a lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers, or a more comfortable environment in which to experience this transformation.” Soul Sister Treasure

“When I first met Angela Dacey almost a decade ago, I thought I knew what I needed; a self help expert & leading motivational authority on all things spiritual,I figured I would see her once and that somehow I would be all fixed.What I did not know was just how serious she was about to get about the subject of me! It was intensely perfect, & bit scary until I saw her in action.If it weren’t for Angela demanding more of me than I did myself with her tough love & deep wisdom, my over two decades of hopelessness with my issues would have never been transformed into the continued success I enjoy today.After participating in Angela’s courses,including the larger than life changing Soul Mala workshops,I am finally able to more forward after twenty years! Angela being a natural teacher has invoked in me relief, joy & a great sense of freedom,all of which I am forever grateful!” Soul Sister Avalon

“Angela’s in-depth “Soul Mala” has been an effective, integrative approach to conscious and integrative digging for deeper understanding of my psyche’s process of understanding itself. Every step of the journey has been revealing, fun and interesting. Taking personal issues and seeing how connected to the whole we truly are, even as we feel and learn the uniqueness of ourselves, has been amazing! I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about wanting to let their authentic selves shine through, while enjoying the support and energy of the group process. The timing of this group was powerful and poignant for me and has landed me in an entirely new feeling of myself. Both grounded and able to fly in the spiritual sense feels Fantastic! Kudos to Angela for the brilliant inception and implementation of this workshop.” Soul Sister Joy

“Choosing to take the journey of Soul Mala was the first step in choosing to commit to me. Angela created an atmosphere where I felt safe to trust and enjoy the process not just wait for the outcome of a quick fix. Each session has added a new piece to the complex puzzle that is me. Who knows when the puzzle will be complete-it doesn’t matter really. That’s the beauty of this soul work. It began as my sole journey but now is joyfully interwoven with the journeys of an amazing group of people who have become aware of their strength, their beauty and the depth of their own souls.” Soul Sister Uniquely Lovely